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Decisions, decisions, how do I make good decisions?


John 6 & Matthew 6:33

Decisions. Every single day each of us is faced with decisions. Some seem quite minor; others have obvious life altering potential. How do you make decisions?  More importantly, how do you make good decisions and avoid bad ones? How do you decide what your next step is going to be? How do you prepare for big decisions in life? Is there really such a thing as a small decision?  As a marriage mentor, I hear folks frequently bemoan bad decisions.  I work diligently to help them see their way to make good decisions- great decisions.  It can be done and the Word of God shows us how.

As you move systematically through the Bible, the principles of a godly life become clear as the character of God is revealed.  There is much to be learned about how those who sought Him and those who followed Him responded to His teaching and leading. We can learn a lot about how to face everyday decisions from seeing these examples. In these next few minutes of this video, I walk through this teaching from the Gospel of John and ask you to examine in your own life if learning principles from the Bible results in changed behavior. See if learning, for you, results in better decisions. The focus of this session is the decisions shown in John Chapter 6.  Our guide for decisions comes from Matthew 6:33. Let’s look together for application of the Word to our lives.

The Amazing Truth of Love & Respect


Marriage is a delicate thing.

Marriage is a glorious thing.

Marriage is a troublesome thing.

Marriage is a wonderful thing.

There is a delicate balance that God has ordained in marriage that takes two radically different people from radically different life paths; that moves them onto converging paths that will require enormous devotion, trust, confidence, adoration and commitment so that in the end it brings glory to God and incredible fulfillment to the husband and wife who accept the challenge of behaving in the covenant according to His great plan. When it happens, it is a site to see.  And it should happen more often.  It should happen most often.  It can happen each time the man and woman who enter into this covenant use His plan as a model for their relationship and not merely as a possible way of relating.

Ephesians Chapt 5 is the longest passage of the New Testament dealing with the marriage relationship and in it, at the end, Paul gives instruction to the husband and to the wife.  In this talk, Pete & Debbie unpack the companion principles of Love and Respect and how they fuel the success of a marriage.

Thank you for watching.