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Is marriage a right?

How have we become so twisted in our thinking about marriage?  How have intelligent people like Supreme Court Justices come to the conclusion that marriage is a right?  How have Christian people become Christian “leaners” who want God to save them for eternity but don’t want God to define or appoint anything in a way other than what they personally want it to be?

I have struggled with my emotions over the last few weeks since the Supreme Court determined that same sex marriage is a right.  I grew up very proud to be an American.  My parents waved the flag, voted, supported and opposed candidates for office and issues of the day.  They paid their taxes, served in the military, recited the pledge of allegiance and encouraged me to do likewise.  And I have.  But something has changed.  I am wondering how all this has become practiced expression that no longer can be backed by the principles under which all this was based.  My parents did not teach me to simply do these things, they taught me that there were underlying principles that resulted in such actions.  I find myself today looking for the evidence of the underlying principles.  Sadly, I do not see but a shadow of their former existence.  They exist on the walls of our State and National buildings, they exist in the oaths of office that our public servants take, they exist on our forms of money but these are simply shadows that now, instead of speaking of what America is speak of what America was.

As we passed through the celebration of our independence day and almost coinciding with that event the Supreme Court decision setting aside the protection of the principle of marriage as set by the Bible, I found my self noticing even more that America has become something quite different in my adult days from what it was in my childhood days.  As I rose in my own church during the celebration of American independence, and as the pastor had us recite the Pledge of Allegiance, as everyone said in unison “under God”, I felt pangs of pain.  Conscience pain.  Pain that these acts were simply shadows of what they once were.  Actually, I felt sad and shame for America – and Americans.  Especially American Christians.  We who have become so filled with biblical truth and so void of biblical action.  We are the shadow.  A reminder of what was and what was supposed to still be but what is rapidly vanishing.

Back to marriage.  Is marriage a right?  Absolutely not.  It is an honor.  It is the opportunity for two people to live their lives in such a way that the God who created them, provides for their life, provides for their eternity and does so beyond anything they could do for themselves, is honored.  It is an opportunity to live for the honor of one who established all things and maintains all things.  Marriage is an honorable institution designed to honor the Creator.  It is not honorable to engage in it in any way other than as he designed it to be.

When we call it a right we put man at the center and indicate that things should be done to satisfy man.  This is so errant that it is a tragedy.  And to think those who swore to uphold the foundations of this nation don’t do that is even more tragic.

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show himself strong in behalf of them whose heart is perfect towards Him.”  (2 Chron 16:9 KJV)